This website is for the Do-It-Yourself Guitarist. These pages which I have authored utilize many pictures, because after all "a picture is worth a thousand words". In these pages, you will find a few things that are unique to the web, and information that can be found nowhere else. I hope that what you find here will be useful.

These are mostly pages from my original website created in 2003, which I closed down around 2015 or so for various reasons. I have recently decided to bring back most of the old website, but this time under a new domain name. I didn't really need to have a dot com as I never had any products to sell. Some new pages have been added that link my YouTube videos about guitar amps, guitar pedals, guitars, and other odds and ends. I kept the original look and format of the website but modernized it just a bit. At this point in time, site is best viewed on a laptop or PC.

You can check out my YouTube channel here: Vegas Cycling Freak When I'm not at work designing the HVAC for enormous mind blowing custom homes in Las Vegas area I like to play guitars and I also like to cycle / ride mountain bikes, so my channel not strictly topical. YouTube puts my videos into a black hole so I just upload whatever I feel like to my channel.

When I started building DIY guitar effects, amps, etc. there was very little on the market as far as DIY kits. There was virtually no one offering DIY guitar pedal kits. Some people offered ready to solder PCBs but for the most part I "grew up" doing everything. Some of these pages will reflect that. I still like the creative process of doing every aspect of building something in true DIY fashion, but sometimes I will buy a PCB and build a project around that. It really just depends on what it is that I want to build.

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