Upgrading The Pickup Switches On My Parker Nitefly Mojo

By Paul Marossy

Last Updated 6/30/10

The pickup switches on the Parker Fly Mojo and Nitefly Mojo guitars made around 2005 or so had notoriously bad pickup switches. They worked, but they felt very stiff and they were very prone to making popping noises or even failing to switch properly on occasion. Apparently, due to the way the switches were manufactured, they had a lot of "switch bounce", which causes these noises when operating them.

When I first acquired my Nitefly Mojo in 2005, I did a quasi-fix to the switches by greasing them and trying to smooth mating edges and so on. That worked for a while, but then they began to return to their old ways. So I decided to upgrade them with some better switches based on information I obtained at the Parker Guitars forum. After replacing the switches, I can tell you that they are noise free and never fail to switch properly. I should have done this a lot sooner!

Here is a picture of the OEM pickup switches as originally installed before I did any work.

Here is the control cavity with the new switches installed. I ordered them on-line from Allied Electronics. The part number for the magnetic pickup switch is 747-0022, which is a DPDT on/on/on type and the part number for the piezo/mag switch is 747-0019, which a DPDT on/off/on type. Both have large chrome bat handles. Click Here for an easy to follow wiring diagram that I created when I was done.

This is just showing the old switches for comparison. The new switches are completely sealed and are much more bulletproof in terms of reliability and quiet switching.

This is how the new switches look externally. I prefer the look of the original black tipped bats, but it's a concession I'm willing to make for better functionality.

It took me about two hours to change the switches. That was only because I didn't have a wiring diagram to follow, only a picture to refer to which was a little hard to follow, so I had to figure out some things by trial and error. Total cost including shipping was $30.

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