Links Of Choice!

GEOFEX - Tons of info and circuits to build. Electronics as applied to guitar effects, and info about tube amps, too..

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Forum - Great place to get help in building your own stompboxes. Tons of info and schematics for the many circuits to build.

Ampage Guitar Amp Forum - A good place to get help when repairing, modding a tube amp or tracking down a schematic.

Benado Effects - A unique guitar effect product offered by a friend. Top notch stuff!

General Guitar Gadgets - Great site with lots of guitar effects projects, including some classic designs.

RunOffGroove - Another great site with lots of original guitar effects projects. - Sister site of RunOffGroove with lots of guitar effects projects. - Yet another great site with lots of guitar effects projects.

Jack Orman's AMZ - Good site on guitar effects and their design. Check out the Lab Note Book section.

Basic Guitar Setup Tips - Great site with things you wouldn't normally think about too much. Good links to other sites.

Music Theory For Guitar- Great site for music theory as applied to guitar.

1000 Guitar Sites - Lots and lots of guitar related sites...

Digital Sucks!?! - But digital is the best thing since sliced bread! Oh, really? You be the judge.

Cowtown Guitars - An alternative to ebay for buying vintage guitar effects, right here where I live.

The Amplifier Institute - Cool site on amplifier design. Also, some info on ground loops and how to combat them. - Here's a nice site on how to tweak your axe. Covers everything from simple mods to repotting your pickups. - A cool site with info on tube amps and how to mod virtually any amp. - Great source for guitar amp schematics and mods.

Aiken Amps - Aiken's site. Check out the technical section for good info on biasing, amp classes and much more. - A cool DIY tube amp site with tube amps projects waiting to be built. - An on-line source for replacement parts, grille cloth and other stuff. Home of the Fender Amp Field Guide. - Great place for tube amp parts with great service. - Source for really nice 15 and 30 watt transformers, as well as other guitar amp parts. - An on-line source for speakers, tubes, handles, and lot more for building amps and speaker cabinets.

Small Bear Electronics - Specializing in stompbox parts! - The place to get electronic components.

Hammond Manufacturing - The place to go for information on enclosures and off-the-shelf transformers of all kinds.

Antique Electronic Supply - Source for Hammond transformers, tube sockets and other stuff. - Custom signal routing without the custom price. Similar to the Bob Bradshaw type system. - Website of my fellow gear head and amp tweaker. - Great website with how to design guitars, maintain and modify them. Also a great tutorial section on how to refinih guitars. Check it out!

Scott Henderson Official Website - One of my all-time favorite jazz fusion guitarists. Some good info on his equipment, recordings and how to build a speaker isolation stand.

Allan Holdsworth Official Website - Another one of my all-time favorite guitarists.

Some Scale Models I Have Built - One of my first hobbies was building plastic scale models. Here is a few of my best ones.