Interactive Fourier Synthesizer Tool

Below is an interactive Javascript Fourier Synthesizer created by G. Tranter which you can use to see the relationship between harmonics and fundamental waveforms. The sliders on the right add sine waves, and the ones on the left add cosine waves (these are sine waves that line up with each other at the peaks instead of the zero crossings).

This tool works best with MS Edge and Google Chrome. Current versions of other browsers may or may not work. In all cases Javascript must be enabled to use this tool.

For the techies --- Browser support: Firefox (as of v112) and Safari (as of v16.3) do not support the disable normalization feature of the Web Audio API. As a result, the DC Offset control will not work properly - it is not possible to "clip" the generated wave where it exceeds the maximum level (the limits of the graph area). For best results use a different browser such as Edge, Opera, or another Chromium variant.

Please enable JavaScript to use Fourier Synthesizer

NOTE: This was originally an interactive Java applet created by Manfred Thole sometime in the late 90s/early 2000s. He allowed anyone to use it as long as he was given the credit for creating it. It had to be re-written so that it would work in today's world, and G. Tranter kindly volunteered his services. He re-worked the original Java code into a JavaScript format for me so that it can be viewed on most of the browsers available today. You can check out G. Tranter's GitHub page HERE. Thanks G!!!!!!

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