Making A Bracelet Out Of Used Electric Guitar Strings

By Paul Marossy

Last Updated 5/26/05

Did you ever feel like there must be something that you can do with used guitar strings besides throw them in the trash after changing the strings? Well there is something that you can do with them that is pretty cool - make a bracelet. Making a guitar string bracelet is super easy and it only takes about 20 minutes or so to make one. It does require you to be proficient with a soldering iron, though.

Here is an example:


Construction is super simple. Just take your used strings and line up one end of all the strings. Then you fashion all six strings into a loop the same way that the strings typically come packaged. Make sure that it is big enough to fit over your wrist, but not too loose. I prefer to have it a little snug when passing over my hand. It is flexible, so you can manipulate it a little bit to get it over your hand and onto your wrist. Next, try to bring the two ends of each string to a common point and clip each string as necessary so they butt up to eachother. In reality, this really isn't possible, but you can get it close. Next, take some leftover leads that were clipped from some resistors or capacitors and wrap it around each end of the strings. This will give you two loops that will be approximately 1/4" apart. The next step then is to solder the joint with silver solder, and when you are finished, you will have a joint that looks like the example in the picture below.

Depending on your body chemistry, one bracelet can last quite a while before it begins to look old and tarnished. The last one I made probably lasted a couple of years. You could make a new one every time you change your strings! Another thing I have made out of used guitar strings is a ring. I have made one for a lot of my friends - everyone loves them!

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