The EICO Model 625 Tube Tester

Last updated 7/21/04    



This is a popular classic tube tester and one can be obtained from a seller on ebay for $75.00 or less. These are emission testers which give you a basic idea of what condition the tube is in, but it will not measure transconductance, so you can not use it to "match" tubes per se, but it is still a useful piece of test equipment. Better than guesswork if you ask me.

Below is a few details on my personal tube tester.

Here is the front view. This model has a carrying handle on top, and no lid for the controls. It was designed to be a benchtop piece of equipment. This example has a date stamp on the inside from March, 1959. It is in very good shape for its age and it was reconditioned by the seller before I purchased it.
Here is a closer view of the front. It has quite a few different types of sockets for testing many different tubes. There is a lighted scroll chart at bottom listing settings for various tubes.
Here is a view of the interior. It must have been a challenge to design something to test so many different kinds of tubes.


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