YouTube Videos (Yes I am the VegasCyclingFreak)

Alternate Guitar Effect Enclosures - Some cool wood enclosures that I made, 100% scratch built Colorsound Wah Wah and using every day objects as enclosures.

100% Scratchbuilt Ampeg Phazzer clone - Made an almost replica of the great sounding Ampeg Phazzer using thrift store cookie sheet.

Schaller Bow Wow Yoy Yoy - Some general info about this rare super cool and great sounding wah pedal made in West Germany in the late 1960s.

Curve Tracer Fun - Various ways that you can use an "oscillocope octopus" to test inductors, guitar pickups, etc.

DIY Guitar FX Aids - 12 different things that make life a little easier when building DIY stompboxes.

Ergonomic DIY Pedal Board - If you use wah pedal and/or volume pedal a lot, this just works helluva lot better than a rectangular pedal board.

DSO Shell Handheld Oscilloscope - A review of the counterfeit DSO Shell that I built. Works fine but didn't know it was a clone at the time.

Re-Building A Dissected Ebow - This is a whole series on the Ebow, from rebuilding torn apart Ebow to attempting a clone from the incorrect internet schematic. Lots of testing too.

1965 Fender Showman - Repairing badly damaged speaker cabinet and more.

Parker Fly Deluxe Repairs & Mods - Stealth coil tap mod and repairing/replacing broken peizo saddle.

Estimating Guitar PUP Resonant Frequency - Contrary to popular belief, DC resistance DOES NOT tell you everything about a guitar pickup.

Ibanez DDL Hi-Cut Mod - Stealthy way of adding a hi-cut switch to Ibanez DDL delay without drilling any holes.

DIY ICL8038 Audio Oscillator - Revisiting one of my very first DIY projects.

DIY Jamman Loop Selector - Simple and cheap way to make you own loop selector for the ORIGINAL version of the DigiTech Jamman.

DIY Korg MS-01 - DIY workalike of a stupid expensive "vintage" Korg product.

My Desert Strum Amps - Little Gem MKII variants. Can you guess why I named it "Desert Strum"?

Real McTube Re-Visited - Improving upon my original build which was many years ago now.

Seymour Duncan Convertible PT Protection Mod - Adding a couple of resistors to protect the irreplaceable power transformer in the 100 watt Seymour Duncan Convertible guitar amp. This is a must do!

Seymour Duncan Convertible Load Plug - How to make a simple and cheap load resistor plug for your Seymour Ducnan Convertible guitar amp.

Seymour Duncan "Wattage" Control - What you need to know about that "wattage" control. I bet you're using the wrong tubes!

100 watt Seymour Duncan Convertible - An overview of the amp and its features.

Seymour Duncan Convertible Preamp Modules - An overview of the preamp modules that were made available for the Seymour Duncan Convertible guitar amps (there were 100 watt and 60 watt versions).

Shaka Tube Guitar Pedal Remodel - Revisiting one of my early DIY builds and making it just a little more awesome.

Sine Wave Tester - An interesting educational circuit that allows you to do waveform studies. Honey Amp - Completely scratch built mini guitar amp (minus the PCB supplued by

Tektronix 453 Repairs-Mods - Fixing burned out A Sweep Triggered light, fixing cooling fan and replacing power supply filter caps.

Fixing Dodgy Control on Zoom 9030 - That dodgy control might only need a little tweaking to make it work properly again.

Wah Pedal Radio?! - If your vintage Italian made Vox wah pedal is picking up a radio station, do this.

Wah Pedal Radio?! - If your vintage Italian made Vox wah pedal is picking up a radio station, do this.

Suhr Riot Clone - An analysis of the circuit.