The Seymour Duncan Convertible Preamp Modules

By Paul Marossy

Last Updated 1/18/23

This is a video series that I made which discusses the preamp modules that were avaiable for the Seymour Duncan Convertible amplifiers. I made several of these modules because they are just not that readily available, and that was like 20 years ago now!

Preamp Module Order and Design Of Preamp:

Part 1, Normal and Classic preamp modules:

Part 2, Presence and Cascode preamp modules:

Part 3, Hi-Gain preamp modules:

Part 4, EQ preamp modules:

Part 5, Solid State IC preamp module:

Part 6, FET preamp module. I made this one solely by looking at low quality pictures.

Part 7, Hot Mod preamp module:

Part 8, Classic Distortion preamp module:

Part 9, Preamp Module PCB Designs:

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