Electric Guitars!

DIY Guitar Preamp - Here is an easy to build Onboard FET Guitar Preamp.

DIY Guitar Preamp, Compact Version - A way to get around a lack of space for a 9V battery in a tight control cavity.

DIY Opamp Guitar Preamp - A good sounding opamp based onboard guitar preamp from "The Guitar Handbook".

DIY Piezo Buffer/Preamp - A simple and effective buffer circuit for piezo equipped guitars.

Fernandes Sustainer Installation - How I installed a sustainer into one of my guitars without having a router to use for such a purpose.

Floyd Rose Fixed Bridge Conversion - A very easy way to convert your Floyd Rose bridge to a virtually fixed bridge.

MIJ Foto-flame Hot Rod Reissue Strat - Some information on the beautiful Made In Japan Strats from the 90s. Only wiring diagram on the net for this guitar.

Parker Fly Deluxe - A technical analysis of the "pre-refined" (AKA not watered down) Parker Fly Deluxe. These are quite technologically advanced guitars.

Parker Nitefly Mojo - A technical analysis of my Nitefly Mojo. These are quite technologically advanced guitars.

Parker Nitefly Mojo - Replacing Bridge Pickup - What I had to do to put a vintage Seymour Duncan Allan Holdsworth pickup in this guitar.

Parker Nitefly Mojo - Replacing Pickup Switches - What needs to be done to upgrade the noisy OEM switches.

Refinishing a Solid Body Electric - About my first project guitar, a Stratocaster with onboard electronics and a fabric top.

Volume Control Mod - Install a treble bleed cap - a super simple mod.

Links To Other Sites:

Vintage Guitar News and Views - Some very good info on various iconic vintage guitars.

GregsGuitars.net - Here's a place to check out if you're into vintage guitars.

Basic Guitar Setup Tips - Great site with things you wouldn't normally think about too much. Good links to other sites.

GuitarNuts.com - Here's a nice site on how to tweak your axe. Covers everything from simple mods to repotting your pickups.

GuitarRepairBench.com - Here's a nice site on how to repair and build electric & acoustic guitars, plus some good setup tips.

ProjectGuitar.com - Great website with how to design guitars, maintain and modify them. Also a great tutorial section on how to refinish guitars. Check it out!