Reference Material, Tools and Miscellaneous Topics!

Capacitor Field Guide - Capacitor types and their applications explained.

The Sound of Caps - Here is a page that compares capacitor types in terms in linearity.

Capacitor Conversion Chart - Converts microfarads to nanofarads.

Capacitor Values/Codes Chart - Explains what those numbers and letters on capacitors indicate.

Wire Gage Equivalents Chart - Easily convert wire gage sizes between metric and imperial.

Resistor Color Codes Calculator - Interactive resistor value calculator for three band color codes.

Interactive dB Calculator - Converts a voltage to dB.

Ohm's Calculator - Enter any two values and get your answer.

Interactive Fourier Analysis Tool - Very handy interactive Javascript tool that allows you to see and hear what adding harmonics to a fundamental waveform does.

Fundamentals of Signal Processing - Useful information on signal processing for guitar and other instruments.

Seeing A High Resistance Ground - How to use a scope and a signal generator to see a high resistance ground on a scope.

Korg Polysix - Fixing leaking NiCad battery. Very common problem on these very cool synths from the early 80s.

Electronic Projects For Musicians - The classic DIY electronics book by Craig Anderton.

The Stompbox Cookbook - The classic DIY stompbox book by Nicolas Boscocrelli.

Jack Darr Amp Handbook - Some Chapters from "The Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook" by Jack Darr.

Solid State Amp Design Handbook - Good resource for designing solid state amplifiers by Teemu Kyttala.

Square Wave Study - What are square waves and how do they form?

Collins Radio Quality Standards Manual - Applies more to radio assembly but has great info on how to do good wiring, soldering, etc. amd would apply for PTP wiring in tube amps for example.

Opamps For Everyone - Really good design reference material by Texas Instruments regarding opamps.

BJT & FETs vs. Triodes - Interesting paper entitled "Small-Signal Distortion in Feedback Amplifiers for Audio" which compares BJT transistors, FETs and vacuum tube triodes.

2ND Book Of Transistor Equivalents - A great little book by B. Babani 1974 which gives equivalent substitutes for a MYRIAD of old transistors.

International Diode Equivalents Guide - Another great guide by B. Babani 1982 which gives equivalent substitutes for a MYRIAD of diode types.

GE Transistor Manual (1964) - Interesting reading about transistor technology in the 1960s. Goes into great detail about Ge and Si transistors!

Peavey Cross Reference Manual - Another reference source for transistor and semi-conductor equivalents used by Peavey. Also includes their own in-house part numbers.

Guitar String Jewelry?! - Here is something you can do with used electric guitar strings.