Test Equipment!

DIY Benchtop Audio Oscillator - This is a great piece of equipment to have on your workbench.

Two-Tone Audio Oscillator - An oscillator that produces a 1.1 kHz and 2.2 kHz audio tone.

DIY Function Generator - Another useful benchtop tool to have. You can build one if you're crazy like me.

DIY Adjustable Voltage Power Supply - Great to have on your workbench.

Tektronix 453 Oscilloscope - A technical picture essay on a classic analog scope.

Tektronix 453 Instruction Manual - This is the entire Tek 453 instruction manual scanned into a quality digital format.

EICO 625 Tube Tester - Some details on my classic tube tester.

Heathkit IO-4541 Quasi-Resurrection (YouTube) - Going thru o'scope that was given me to and determining what if anything had to be done to it.

Heathkit IO-4560 CRT Replacement (YouTube) - Replacing the dodgy CRT in Heathkit IO-4560 with a NOS CRT. Also goes over some repairs I had to do to get it 100% functional.

Heathkit IO-4541 FULL Schematic - The only full schematic in existence on the web as far as I know.

DSO Shell Handheld Oscilloscope - A review of the counterfeit DSO Shell that I built. Works fine but didn't know it was a clone at the time.