Guitar Amps!

Build A Little Gem Practice Amp - A picture essay on building a 1/2 watt LM386 based practice amp.

Build A FireFly Tube Amp - A picture essay on building a 1.5 watt Class A tube amp with a great tone.

Build An Octal Fatness Tube Amp - A picture essay on building a 5-7 watt Class A tube amp with a great tone.

Build An Octal Madness Tube Amp - Build the Octal Fatness' big brother. Hosting schematic only (at this point) for David Jones, the designer of the circuit.

Build A Line Out Box For Your Tube Amp - An easy way to get line out capability for your amp.

Calculating Output Transformer Loads - Technical paper on how changing your speaker load can affect your output transformer.

Digital Reverb Retrofit - Adding a digital reverb to one of my DIY tube amps.

DIY Tube Coolers - How I made tube coolers for my power tubes.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille - Adding tilt back legs and some technical info.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille Mods - A few mods I did to make the amp sound a little warmer.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille Master Vol Mod - Making that master volume control a little more usable.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille Speaker Mod - Celestions in a Fender tube amp?! Why yes.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille - Adding a Cooling Fan and some technical info.

Fender Twin Reverb (1974) - How I restored this amp to tip-top condition.

Gregory Amps Page - Some info about an obscure "vintage" guitar amp manufacturer that apparently had quite a few different models offered.

Gregory "Mark X" Tube Amp - Some general info on this obscure but good sounding 10 watt tube amp from the 60's and my restoration of it.

Lab Series L5 - Tech info on the secret weapon of guitarists like Allan Holdsworth and Ty Tabor.

My Matchless Spitfire Clone - A picture essay on building a 15 watt Class AB tube amp with a great tone.

Marshall 9005 Rack Mount Amp - Some info on this great sounding rack mounted tube amp.

Power Tube Bias Charts - Recommended bias currents for some common power tubes at specific plate voltages and amp class.

Power Tube Plate Dissipation Calculator - MS Excel based calculator for Cathode Biased power tubes.

Preamp Tube Gain Factors - Gain factors for commonly used preamp tubes. Use this to figure out another way to tweak your amp's tone.

Replacing Blown Filter Cap - Replacing a blown filter cap in Marshall 9005 rack mounted tube amp.

Seymour Duncan Convertible 100 Watt (1984) - Most comprehensive site on the web for anything to do with the 100 watt Seymour Duncan Convertible.

Seymour Duncan Convertible 60 Watt - Some general info on this seldom seen but well loved amp. The only online schematic can be found at this page.

Silver Wiring In Guitar Amps?! - My argument against such a silly idea. Save your money!

Star Ground Conversion - How I star grounded the terrible wiring in my Gregory Mark X tube amp.

Links to Other Sites: Tube Amp Troubleshooting - How to fix that pesky tube amp....

Let's Talk Speakers - Answers to all your questions about speakers.

Electron Tubes - Vacuum tube site by Dennis R. Grimwood with some very interesting information about screen grids, ultra-linear design, etc.

How Tubes Work - What are all those parts inside?

Blackface vs. Silverface - Just what are the differences? Find out here. - An on-line source for NOS and new vacuum tubes.