ADA Flanger Mods - Services I offered at one time. See also my new tutorial page links below that show how you can do these mods yourself.

ADA Flanger LED Mod - Here is how you can add an LED to a re-issue ADA Flanger. Applies to older units as well.

ADA "Paul Gilbert Mod" - Here is how you can do the "Paul Gilbert mod" to the ADA Flanger.

ADA Flanger Page - ADA Flanger Ads and the original Owner Manual.

ADA Flanger Clone - My ADA Flanger clone made out of wood using the original version of the "Moosapotamus" MN3007 PCB.

Ampeg Phazzer Clone - Made a quasi-replica using aluminum cookie sheet from local thrift store.

Arion SAD-1 - All you ever wanted to know about this cool vintage analog delay pedal.

ART X-15 Foot Controller Repair - This device actually never worked correctly from the day I bought it. I found out why and fixed it!.

Black Cat Ring Modulator Schematic - This schematic has all of the component values on it.

Black Cat Ring Modulator PCB Layout - PCB layout that I derived from actual unit I had in my possession at one time.

Colorsound Inductor Wah PCB Layout - PCB layout that I derived from only pictures. I'm not sure what exactly model it applies to.

Colorsound Wah Shell Plans - Plans for a DIY replica of the Colorsound wah pedal shell and linkage. Uses wood and aluminum parts that you can find at the hardware store.

Colorsound Twin-T Wah PCB Layout - Factory PCB layout for the vintage Colorsound "inductor-less" wah pedal. NOTE: This circuit is tricky to make work well, it is very dependent on the transistor used.

CryBaby- True Bypassing Vintage Circuit - Easy mod that is fairly simple to do. Has the dreaded TDK 5103 inductor that is supposed to "sound terrible" but this is one of my best sounding wah pedals!

CTS Pot Re-Build - Something I wouldn't normally do but in this case it was necessary.

DIY 9V Battery Snaps - One way to repurpose part of those 9V batteries that you throw away when used up.

DIY Tempo Box For Boss DD-5 Delay - Simple to make and so much more compact the alternative Boss offers (the bulky FS-5U).

DOD FX-17 Wah/Volume Pedal - Everything you ever wanted to know about this little known but great volume pedal (wah depends on taste).

Ebow Technical Analysis - Some technical info on this unique and great invention for electric guitar.

Dunlop GC-95 Wah Pedal Mods - Some simple but effective mods that I did to my Dunlop GCB-95 CryBaby.

Dunlop GCB-95 "Fat Wah" Mod - This is a pretty cool mod that is pretty simple to do.

Dunlop GCB-95 Changing Inductor - Another very simple mod that can potentially change the character of your CryBaby.

The Kadent Wah Pedal - The information here also applies to the Banshee, Crown, Magnum, Jax USA, V-Jay and .

Italian Vox Red Fasel Wah Pedal - I always liked the look of these Italian made Vow wah pedals.

Italian Vox Wah Fattening Tone - Sounded very harsh when I picked it up but I made it sound much better.

Jen Double Sound Fuzz Wah PCB - Factory PCB and wiring diagram for the Jen Double Sound Fuzz-Wah pedal.

Jen Double Sound Fuzz Bottom Plate - Recreation of the bottom plate for the Jen Double Sound Fuzz-Wah pedal.

The Kadent Wah Pedal - The information found here also applies to the Banshee, Crown, Guild Stinger, Jax USA, Magnum and V-Jay wah pedals.

Maestro Boomerang Clone - I made this before I got my hands on some real ones. Used a CryBaby shell for it.

Maestro Boomerang BG-2 - All you ever wanted to know about the Maestro Boomerang BG-2 wah/volume pedal.

Joe Gagan's Maestro Boomerang "Where Is The Love" Article - An article that Joe wrote some time ago and hosted on my website.

Vox "Grey Wah" Wah Pedal Clone - Everything you ever wanted to know about this rare West German wah pedal from the late-60s.

Schaller Wah - Making A Bottom Plate - Making a bottom plate for Schaller "Bow Wow Yoy Yoy" wah pedal.

Schaller "Bow Wow Yoy Yoy" Wah Pedal - Everything you ever wanted to know about this rare West German wah pedal from the late-60s.

Shin Ei WT-1 "Companion" Wah Pedal - Everything you ever wanted to know about this interesting Japanese made wah pedal from the 1970s.

Wah Pedal - Myths, Misconceptions and Hype - A write up addressing questions and things I commonly hear about wah pedals.

Wah Pedals and Guitar Pickups - How wah pedals interact with your guitar pickups.

Mooer Shimverb - A Look Inside (YouTube) - I was curious as to how they packed so much into a tiny enclosure. This was my first mini-pedal, and I really like it.

Anderton Impedance Tester - A simple way to measure the input impedance of your guitar effects.

Craig Anderton's Volume Pedal Retrofit - No more scratchy volume pedals! More info here.

DIY Audio Probe - A basic audio tester probe I made as an aid to troubleshooting pesky circuits.

Fabric Covered DIY Guitar Pedals - One way to cover an enclosure to make something unique.

Pitchmaster SA-60 Guitar Tuner - Guitar tuners aren't normally even on my radar but this relic from 1975 uses a very interesting circuit.

My Original Shaka Tube Build - Overview of my first preamp tube based DIY guitar pedal.

My Twist On The Shaka Tube - Tried a version of Shaka Tube that combined it with an LM386.

Shaka Tube in Hammond 1590BB - Everything you ever wanted to know about this rare West German wah pedal from the late-60s..

Real McTube II - Killer sounding tube overdrive unit.

Radio-Head Tube Preamp - Tube preamp using old radio tubes. Similar to the Real McTube, but higher gain.

Sewing Machine Pedal A/B Switch? - Something you can do with what seems like junk.

Z Vex Fuzz Factory Clone - Everyone else was doing it... so why not me too?

DIY Guitar Effects Prototyping Board - Something I created as an aid to designing guitar effects using a breadboard and a few other parts.

Building Stompboxes - Here's some of my ideas on building stompboxes and how I do the graphics.

DIY Pedal Board - I made this and saved a lot of money! Looks cool, too.

Compact DIY Pedal Board - Making a compact soft shell pedalboard case for around $20.00

Stompboxes I Have Built - Pictures of projects I have built and my commentary on them. Projects are listed more or less in chronological order.

Capacitor Field Guide - Capacitor types and their applications explained.

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Copyrights Explained - Guidelines to what is copyrighted material, fair use, etc.

18,000+ Data Sheets! - Link to site with over 18,000 data sheets on transistors and IC chips. You don't have to be a member to access the files.